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TradingFront is a white-label, customizable, holistic platform for RIAs, integrated and partnered with Interactive Brokers. Our feature-rich, cost-effective solution helps RIAs efficiently run their business and delivers a world-class experience to their customers with smart, robo-enabled, powerful and easy-to-use features to increase productivity, and help grow their business. Created by experienced RIAs that have a deep understanding of the business and a world-class tech team and backed by investors including Interactive Brokers, we seek to help the advisor community by integrating a large suite of next-gen tools in our platform to streamline, digitize and centralize processes that save time and money.

Yang Xu


Award Category
Technology Providers: Client Portals

Launch of the Client Portal Module within the TradingFront Platform

The launch of the Client Portal within the TradingFront Platform offers RIAs’ clients the tools to quickly open brokerage accounts, fund w/instant authentication, centralize key docs, direct messaging, two-step security, see RIA firm info/logo, and mobile client portal app allowing oversight 24/7. RIAs can invite prospects to use the Client Portal before becoming SMA clients. They can link held-away accounts including bank, loan, credit card, 401k etc. Features in Client Portal:
  • Accounts: Open a brokerage account w/oversight of managed and held-way accounts
  • Funding: Instant ACH authentication
  • Access: Documents shared from RIAs
  • Direct Message: For direct contact between clients and RIAs
  • Security: Enable two-step verification
  • White-Label: After login clients see RIA firm info/logo
  • Mobile App: Clients check/manage accounts 24/7
Award Category
Technology Providers: Client Onboarding/New Account Opening
Launch of the On-Boarding Module within the TradingFront Platform
Launch of the White-Label On-Boarding Module within the TradingFront digital RIA platform to apply for client brokerage accounts in minutes featuring:
  • Self-service White-Labeling for brand building
  • Customizable Risk Tolerance Questionnaires
  • Customized Model Portfolio Recommendations
  • Compliance Feature for time-stamping client signature, on-boarding documents (IMA and other) and KYC questionnaires
  • On-Boarding Document Storage allows RIAs upload+storage of new client regulatory documents
  • Multiple On-Boarding Invitation Channels allow RIAs to send account invitations with client’s pre-filled information or a blank version
  • Customizable management fee for each client invitation
  • Option for public onboarding links (100% self-service) based on score or goal-based custom questionnaires and can be placed on website or social media page
  • Automated Account Application Status Reminders
  • Support for multiple account types
Developing a Technology Strategy in Times of Volatility, Custodian Consolidation, and Pandemic

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About the Initiative

Guided Income Solutions℠ (GIS) is a turnkey, bucketed investment solution designed to deliver steady and tailored cash flows to clients planning for retirement. The bucketed investing framework provides an intuitive approach to converting clients’ nest eggs into an automatic income replacement based on their personal financial goals; the buckets automatically rebalance to systematically reduce risk and accommodate investors’ needs. GIS provides an alternative to annuities; delivering an investment approach that is flexible, liquid, and cost-effective.

GIS aims to transform and enhance current retirement income solutions, to: