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Bridgeford Trust Company is an independent South Dakota chartered trust company providing fiduciary services to domestic and international families across the country and around the world. By deliberately chartering the trust company in South Dakota over other top tier U.S. trust jurisdictions, Bridgeford represents a new and emerging wealth management paradigm committed to eliminating the conflicts of interest that permeate the traditional “bundled” approach to trust administration and asset management, while delivering more direction and control to settlors of trusts, beneficiaries, and their advisors than ever before. Bridgeford does not manage assets and therefore is a natural collaborator with asset managers, insurance professionals, and family offices. Built upon the most powerful and progressive fiduciary trust legislation in the nation, Bridgeford delivers compelling privacy, asset protection, and tax planning strategies to families and their advisors.

David A. Warren

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

Award Category
Modern Trust Law: Educating the World by Harnessing the Power of Digital Media
Understanding the importance of objective and reliable education and content around transformative modern trust law concepts, Bridgeford developed a multi-digital and social media educational program for advisors and their clients to utilize as an interactive resource in the wealth planning process. The thesis of the program is to administer important content through easily accessible social and digital media platforms, engaging the best technology available for imaging, audio, and video production. The initiative has been well received, earning praise from advisors and families across the nation and around the world. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bridgeford’s multi-disciplinary approach proved to be particularly impactful for families and advisors looking for sophisticated trust planning solutions during one of the must uncertain economic and unprecedented financial times in history.
Finalist Recognition for the 2020 Industry Awards

We are thrilled to be recognized for our multifaceted digital media education platform. Watch our message below.

Insights for Advisors

We keep advisors updated on developments regarding modern trust law through blog posts, podcasts, videos, and more.

South Dakota Advantage

Bridgeford offers far more direction and control to clients and advisors because of South Dakota’s modern trust laws.

About the Initiative

Guided Income Solutions℠ (GIS) is a turnkey, bucketed investment solution designed to deliver steady and tailored cash flows to clients planning for retirement. The bucketed investing framework provides an intuitive approach to converting clients’ nest eggs into an automatic income replacement based on their personal financial goals; the buckets automatically rebalance to systematically reduce risk and accommodate investors’ needs. GIS provides an alternative to annuities; delivering an investment approach that is flexible, liquid, and cost-effective.

GIS aims to transform and enhance current retirement income solutions, to: