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WBI family of firms based in New Jersey, including WBI Technologies and WBI Investments, is a provider of institutional, private client wealth management strategies and TAMP solutions. WBI Investments builds outcome-oriented solutions that focus on an investor’s loss tolerance to navigate good and bad market cycles. WBI’s long-standing philosophy has always been centered on the optimal blend of bear market capital protection and bull market participation. With tools designed to both tame the bear and run with the bull, WBI provides investment strategies along with an advisor-assisted Robo platform to help keep clients comfortably invested.

Don Schreiber, Jr.

Chief Visionary Officer

Award Category
Asset Managers: New Product Development
Introducing WBI Cy: Next-Gen Digital Wealth Management Platform
Cy is short for “Cyborg”, the next generation of Robo digital wealth management platforms, combining the power of digital and human advice. Cy unleashes a portfolio optimization portal, providing target loss and target return portfolios to help advisors and clients increase success rates. Cy is a portfolio design and optimization digital investing technology paired with a powerful retirement rate of return and loss profiling toolkit to form a complete wealth management system. Cy utilizes a powerful, quantitative analysis to screen a full universe of U.S. domestic mutual funds and exchange-traded funds over 20 years aiming to ensure consistent performance through all markets.


Advanced Portfolio Optimization. Better Client Outcomes.
Cy is an ideal partner for advisors who want to compete effectively in today’s digital financial services landscape.
Why Cy
If you have experienced buy and hold failure in the past, it’s time to chart a new course. Meet Cy.
Redefine the Investor Experience
The average investor fails to buy and hold, how can we create a better investor experience?