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SpiderRock Advisors is an asset management firm focused exclusively on delivering option-based solutions and strategies to Financial Advisors and Institutions. Combining world-class technology with comprehensive derivatives expertise, SpiderRock Advisors is making it easy for Financial Advisors and Institutions to incorporate options into their businesses.

Eric Metz

CFA - President and Chief Investment Officer

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Portfolio Hedging Solutions Suite

SRA’s Portfolio Hedging Solutions Suite comprises a range of option overlay strategies which deliver targeted levels of portfolio protection. Whether the investor is allocated to mutual funds, ETFs, SMA equities, single stocks or a combination thereof, the Portfolio Hedging Solutions Suite applies an option overlay customized to the client’s portfolio size and equity beta exposure. By providing these risk management solutions without the need to swap one holding for another (the nature of overlay), investors can add a meaningful layer of risk reduction to their existing portfolio without the need to sell existing holdings or trigger a capital gains liability. Offering a range of risk-reduction levels, Advisors can add protection appropriate to each client, regardless of account size, holdings or custodian.

Concentrated Stock Hedging Video
Portfolio Hedging Solutions Suite
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