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For more than 50 years, SEI has been a leader in the financial services industry, recognized for its history of innovation. SEI is a leading global provider of technology-driven wealth and investment management solutions. We deliver comprehensive platforms, services and infrastructure – encompassing investment processing, investment operations and investment management – to help wealth managers, financial advisors, investment managers, institutional and private investors create and manage wealth. Today, SEI serves approximately 11,300 clients, including banks, trust institutions, wealth management organizations, independent investment advisors, retirement plan sponsors, corporations, non-profit organizations, investment managers, hedge fund managers and high-net-worth families. SEI manages or administers $920 billion in hedge, private equity, mutual fund and pooled or separately managed assets, including $283 billion in assets under management and $632 billion in client assets under administration.

Krista Deguffroy

Director of Inclusion and Compliance,
Co-Founder of SEI Neurodiversity@Work

Award Category
Custodians – Combined > Corporate Social Responsibility/Diversity
Neurodiversity@Work Program

In 2017, SEI created the Austism@Work Program, designed to provide internship opportunities to individuals on the autism spectrum, because she recognized a gap within the financial services industry for these individuals interested in the field. As part of this program, the program leaders created a curriculum that includes several “discovery weeks” in which candidates focus on familiarizing themselves with the workplace culture. Interns in this program are granted voluntary self-disclosure, allowing them the option to decide whether to disclose their condition while they are being evaluated for their skills and organizational impact.  The enhancement: In Fall 2019, SEI expanded the Autism@Work program to include more members from the neurodiverse community, not just those on the Autism Spectrum. The program was renamed Neurodiversity@Work.

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