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Milliman Financial Risk Management LLC (Milliman FRM) is a global leader in financial risk management to the retirement industry, providing investment advisory, hedging, and consulting services on over $143 billion in global assets as of June 30, 2020. Milliman FRM has swiftly grown to be the largest ETF subadvisor in the US. They currently subadvise, and helped launch Transamerica’s DeltaShares ETF brand, and are partners with the fastest growing ETF Issuer—Innovator ETFs, where they subadvise the category-creating and game-changing Defined Outcome ETFs. For more information about Milliman FRM, visit

Matt Kaufman

Principal, Head of Marketing, Product Development and Distribution

Award Category
Asset Managers: Chief Marketing Officer of the Year
Matt Kaufman, Principal, Head of Marketing, Product Development and Distribution
Given his first job was marketing QQQ for PowerShares under ETF pioneers Bruce Bond and John Southard, which became one of the most recognizable, largest and traded household ETF tickers, the huge successes and industry firsts Matt has under his belt are less of a surprise yet no less impressive. He helped Transamerica ideate, message, design and launch their DeltaShares ETF brand, 2017’s largest ETF lineup launch. He went on to partner with his old bosses to craft a new ETF category, launching and marketing Innovator’s Buffer ETFs, which have been the fastest growing ETFs (46ETF launches in 21 months)
Milliman Financial Risk Management Strategies
Managing market risk for decades, our investment strategies can be tailored to meet specific needs.
Milliman Defined Outcome Strategies
Designed to create defined outcomes across broad asset classes through multiple product structures.
Milliman FRM Insight: Actionable Perspectives On Topics That Impact Wealth

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