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InvestEdge is a leading provider of innovative advisor solutions to financial institutions. Our integrated solutions provide a breadth of tools that simplify complicated wealth management processes and reduce overall operational risk. Using the integrated solutions automates key front office functions like easy-to-use portfolio management, trading/rebalancing, performance measurement, reporting, compliance/fiduciary monitoring, and data aggregation tools.

With InvestEdge, wealth management firms can streamline operations, simplify workflows and build stronger, deeper and more profitable relationships. We bring unmatched creativity, courage and commitment to every client relationship. Wealth management firms count on InvestEdge for deep domain expertise in aggregating, transforming and simplifying complex investment data for advisors and high-net-worth clients.

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Jeff Cowley

CTO at InvestEdge

Award Category
Technology Providers: Portfolio Management, Accounting and Performance Reporting
InvestEdge’s UMA Approach to Portfolio Management
InvestEdge UMA facilitates a truly vehicle agnostic investment approach to portfolio management. By streamlining management of various investment strategies within a single account, advisors can better manage risk, achieve diversification and holistically monitor and adjust asset allocation and product selection, regardless of whether they are using external managers, internally managed strategies, mutual funds, or ETFs. Investment strategies holding multiple securities become formal products in the system with their own distinct classifications and characteristics. Products are aggregated for reporting and portfolio management purposes within household accounts just as a fund or ETF holding would be. The robust UMA sub-accounting engine reconciles trade and transactional activity so that manager strategies accurately reflect the impact of all investment decisions in the resulting asset allocation and performance calculations.
InvestEdge Full Solution Overview
InvestEdge’s integrated suite of solutions enables advisors and their firms to more effectively manage, monitor and measure their wealth management programs.
Unified Managed Accounts Overview
A Superior Approach to Unified Managed Accounts.

3 Best Practices for Maximizing the Power of UMAs

Get more flexibility while delivering operational efficiencies, control and oversight to advisors and firms.