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Goldman Sachs Private Bank Select® (GS Select) builds upon the extensive lending expertise of Goldman Sachs’ Private Bank, offering revolving securities-based lines of credit as a liquidity source for clients of independent financial advisors. With GS Select, clients can access liquidity quickly and easily, instead of selling securities and disrupting an investment plan. GS Select is a high-tech, high-touch program, partnering with leading broker dealers, RIAs and custodians in the independent space. From origination to confirmation and ongoing management, a digital interface provides full transparency to both advisors and clients of their application and loan status, allowing advisors to closely monitor the lendable value of their client’s collateral, and giving their clients the ability to borrow and repay with just a few clicks. GS Select’s lending team provides expert support and guidance to financial advisors and their clients .

Anthony Rochte

Managing Director, Head of Goldman Sachs Private Bank Select

Award Categories
Disruptors: Industry
Investment Banks/Lenders/Succession Planning Consultants
Goldman Sachs Private Bank Select line of credit
GS Select has invested significantly in technology and human capital to serve Independent Broker Dealers and RIAs, and their advisors and clients, by:
Helping a Business Owner Start a New Chapter
Selling a business is a monumental milestone. But what comes next?
Help Clients Meet Liquidity Needs… Without Selling
With the uncertain times and market volatility, it’s possible that clients will face a liquidity need this year.
Between a Rock and a Hard Place?
No need to sell when the market is down.
Loans are offered by the Salt Lake City branch of Goldman Sachs Bank USA (GS Bank), a New York State–chartered bank and a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. GS Bank is a member of the Federal Reserve System and Member FDIC. Goldman Sachs Private Bank Select is a business of GS Bank. Goldman Sachs Private Bank Select is a registered trademark of Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC.